Panama 70.3


So I’m in ….PANAMA CITY!

(My morning view)

I arrived in Panama city on a Wednesday night. The 6h flight from LAX went by so fast and upon landing, pro athletes were greeted by the race organizing crew. Wonderful surprise! From there, we were driven to the race hotel and everything just flowed. Both the driver and the only other athlete on the shuttle with me, spoke Spanish. I stumbled my way through a Spanish conversation and we giggled in the night all the way to the hotel.

But the night was still young! I randomly met Steve Godwin and Kurt Hoy from Competitor upon arrival and we went out to dinner in a local Italian restaurant for good CARBS!! Fun times, I love those guys!!!

The next day, it was time to find good places to get short trainings in and get into the beat! Since roads are quite crowded and there are not too many roads that have shoulders to ride on in Panama city, most people took taxis out to the run course and would ride their…


Ready to go!


Hello from Santa Monica, CA!

I thought I would give you all a quick update before I hit the first race of the year ( AT PANAMA 70.3 THIS WEEK-END!!!).

I have been back in Santa Monica since the beginning of January and have enjoyed two great months of base training with Team Sirius. My main focus this year will be Hyvee and 70.3 worlds and I have my mind set on bringing it all to the next level this year. I have focused mostly on swimming so far (SO MUCH SWIMMING!!! More then ever before!!) and done some amazing riding in the Santa Monica mountains and along the PCH. This includes a few key rides where I would try to hang on for my life with the boys…yes I did get DESTROYED a few times, took chances and even bonked BAD once but I LOVE it when the guys kick my ass. There were also some great confidence building rides in there, great training ADVENTURES.

Strength training with Arlynd Fletcher! We make it fun! The day ends…