2012 30th Annual Wildflower Triathlon  

I couldn’t have wished for a better race to FINALLY have a good day at, this season. Wildflower is a race where great champions have left their mark. It is a grueling course but a beautiful course. It a tough race but a fun race. An -old school- race that incarnates the spirit of our sport so perfectly. I am so glad that it was that race that gave me my first true smile of the season.

I was definitely an underdog last Saturday morning before the Wildflower half. I can’t say my season had been going as planned until that point. Since January, I had been in Santa Monica working my butt off, mostly in the swim. Training was going quite well and I had high hopes for the season to come. Little did I know I was about to get a pretty solid reality check. It seems like for a few weeks, my lucky star had left my side. I’m not quite sure why life wanted it that way for me but I do have a theory on…