As I sat in the plane to Victoria, about to take off, I could feel the rhythm of the last 5 days was still with me. I was still living on the crescendo of emotion that had lead me to the raucous finish line in Miami. The music of my favorite Florida station still echoed as the soundtrack to the recent  events. I was recalling as I checked in for my flight, I was offered a sweet Cafe Cubano that had amped me up one last time. And so, a delicious last shooter had symbolicly concluded a very exhilarating 5 days. goes the story:

After a camp in San Diego……arrived in Miami on the Wednesday before the race.

Here I am arriving in Miami (Selfie…lol)

Walked a while through the airport,  got the rental car, drove to the same hotel I had been to 3 years ago, an apartment  in Miami beach 15mins away from race site. Loved it there.

The only problem with the place is that there is very limited parking. So when…

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Silverman 70.3: The Epic Desert Race.



The first part of the trip was about driving up through the desert, from San Diego. I loved it! I enjoy long solo drives and even look forward to them. I get time to think and listen to some of my favorite music. All that went well, I got in late on Thursday. I woke up Friday morning almost forgetting that I was in Vegas.

With my stomach as my guide, I made my way to the lobby for breakfast the next morning. On the way back to my room, I saw the cafe employee and suddenly remembered I was a person, not a stomach on two feet. I looked at my gargantuan plate of food and felt quite impolite to be directing myself towards the elevator without asking if it was okay to bring my plate up to the room. To my half-embarrassed request was the following answer: Sure (mighty laugh)….HELL, YOU CAN BRING STRIPPERS UP THERE IF YOU WANT. I GOT NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT. I remembered I was in Vegas……

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Mont Tremblant 70.3 Race Report


The body passed the test at Hawaii 70.3, I was not very fit yet but there was no sign of injury after that first big effort. It was time to make a plan and allow myself to aim for worlds. I was pretty much going to have to race myself into fitness at this point. I decided that it would be: Tremblant 70.3, Muncie 70.3 and finally Racine (8 days later). That would leave enough time to do a training block before worlds, if I qualified or for a backup race, if I didn’t manage to get enough points for worlds with the three first.

This plan meant I would travel back to Quebec and stay there to train for Muncie. I would have to leave Dan behind for 5 weeks as he had to stay and coach in Victoria.

I was stoked when I landed in Montreal on the 16th, I hadn’t been “home” in a while and had not seen mom in months!
I do love Victoria but it’s special when I go back out…

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Lavaman: The ALOHA race.


Sunday, I concluded a 5 week camp on Maui with a fun Island hop to race Lavaman before heading back to Victoria. What I knew about Lavaman was that…it was FUN! And it turns out that this was more than true.
This race course and the energy of the people on it spelled out ALOHA.

On the beach to begin the day I got a huge hug from my friend Bree. We high fived just before the start and it just felt like we had both decided that on that beautiful day, we would race happy – however, this certainly didn’t mean holding back. That moment before the gun was filled with the spirit of ALOHA.

And we took off….I realized that I didn’t sprint out CRAZY like I usually do. Actually, I had been focusing so much on technique over the winter that I caught myself thinking about technical cues as I got going. Though this didn’t give me my crazy cadence and speed I usually have at the beginning…

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Maui Training Tales


I would like to share why I choose to come do training camps here in Maui. It is a special place to me and I will always be coming back. My first camp as a pro was here. I performed some the hugest efforts of my life on this island. These efforts changed me and kick started my career. I keep on coming back here to fuel from the inspiration and return to a place of very special moments.

Here are three memories that stand out:


A moment where LIFE cheered us on!

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An easy day at our Maui training camp!


Here in Maui, some days consist of  hard training with not much time for anything else but resting and eating.

My first run off  the bike the other day! (HARD AND LONG bike ride and shorter run (4x1mile (1moderate, 1 tempo just to test things out. It all went very well!).

It’s not all work, other days are balanced and allow for some adventures!

Friday was a recovery day, one of those days we got to explore and relax.  We enjoyed the view at Ho’okipa!

Though teammates Brent (MacMahon) and Chris (Ter Host) were also there for the great efforts of the week, today, it was only Dan, his sister Lucy and I , that would head out to the mountains in search of a fun new running trail for a 1h easy run. After an unexpected TOUR of several other roads in the area, we finally found our way to the Makawao Forest Reserve.

We did not let the signs warning about wild boar or goat hunting discourage us. After all, each hunter can only bring back…

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2013 Race Season recap!!


Hi everyone! As it is now two days from the New Year, I was thinking it was about time to do a season review!!!

I am already working on 2014 and can’t wait to start sharing the progression so far. But first things, first. Here’s a reflection on my past season and what I learned, tackling what was DEFINITELY the hardest year of my career.

This year, I was injured in my first weeks of training and it stuck with me all year. There were short bouts of remission and long passes of hard physical and mental challenges to overcome. It felt like 2013 was an emotional rollercoaster ride but one that was necessary in my progression as an athlete, in many ways.

A change of focus: The glass  is half… full.

I got to practice finding ways to be positive when things were not perfect

I have repeated the saying the glass  is half… full a lot this year when the injury was pulling me into negative spirals. In times when the ride was going down, I realized that the…

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Best Effort



12th place at worlds, What’s my feeling?

In the past, I have too often let the pressure to win (or rather, the pressure NOT TO LOSE!), be much too loud. It became overpowering. You can only go so far, fuelled on fear. I have fought to change my perception of things in the past years. It has been a hard fight.

I believe that is why, life graced me with 2013 season that was a big smack in the face in my training and racing.

A season where things seemed to hold me back, get in my way and try to break me. Where I was injured and unable to run in training and where I ended up feeling very lucky when I could be well enough to get out there and race. There was no more hiding from myself OR FROM FAILURE. Time had come to face it. I had to stand on the line and face a much higher possibility of not getting the best result. And I had no choice but to…

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A different approach


Hi everyone!

It’s race week. Today is Wednesday and I landed in Vegas late last night.

Last time I wrote, was early in the Maui camp. I had 14 very precious days to try to turn things around in Maui and get some key sessions in.

After 14 days spent in Maui, I am in a different place now. Maui is always my healing place. A place where, it seems, things have a way of turning for the best.

Here is the most important thing and the one thing that will make me race so very happy in Vegas:

Since I arrived in Maui, I have been and remained INJURY FREE! It seems like I finally got rid of it and I am getting back in the game. I got to run again (some hills, some tempo, a run off the bike!), I got to train in all three sports again and things FINALLY GOT ROLLING. I got to stop worrying about how my first few steps would feel in the morning or wondering if I had…

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2013 So Far


Chapter 1: The toughest is often the most rewarding.

A few weeks ago, I was at Speed Theory in Calgary, along with a few other pros for a Q and A session. I had a good time and the questions were stimulating. A lot of them were general and had us reflect on what it is like to be a professional athlete. One of my favorite questions was: Which of the three sports has been your biggest challenge and which one has been the most rewarding?
The answer came right away and with a lot of emotions tied to it. For me, it was obviously the swimming, but recently swimming has become very rewarding. The toughest at the start, has been the most rewarding, isn’t it always like that?
What would life be like without challenges. This brings me to the subject that has touched me during my six months of struggling with injury. I have gone through some of the most challenging points of my career but I have also had, and am looking

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